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3 Fonteinen

3 Fonteinen (Drie Fonteinen) is a Lambic brewery and blender from Beersel, Belgium. Founded in 1887, 3 Fonteinen is owned by brewer Armand Debelder, one of the most influential people around traditional Lambic, Gueuze and Kriek. Since 1998, 3 Fonteinen has produced Lambic in their own brewery. In addition, Lambic is bought by Boon, Girardin and Lindemans blended and aged in their own barrels.


AleSmith was founded in 1995 in San Diego. However, the brewery made its breakthrough with the takeover of the new brewmaster Peter Zien, who brought the brewery forward with British-inspired beer styles. In 2006, AleSmith was named Best Brewery in the World by the website Ratebeer.


American Solera

American Solera is one of the most exciting breweries in the US and was voted Best New Brewery in the States in 2016 for a good reason. The brewery was opened as a side project by Chase Healey, who has long been known as the head and master brew of Prairie Artisan Ales. At American Solera, the main focus is on barrel aging. The brewery from Tulsa concentrates mainly on sour and wild ales.


Anchor Brewing

The Anchor Brewing Company was founded in 1896 by German immigrants and is therefore not only one of the oldest American breweries, but also a pioneer of the Craft Beer movement. Back in the mid-1970s, Anchor experimented with aroma hops, laying the foundation for the pale ales and IPAs we know today. In its long and exciting history, the traditional brewery was not only threatened by economic ruin, but also hit by earthquakes and fires. Nevertheless, it has been able to maintain  independence and is still brewing exciting beers that are exported from San Francisco all over the world.



And Union

Because the two business partners Rui Esteves and Bradley Armitage were not satisfied with the beer they got in their home town of Cape Town, they quickly set out for Europe. Their goal was to bring good, artisan brewed beer to Africa. Brewing takes place in Bavaria today at four different small to medium-sized, family-run breweries. Their commitment has paid off, because today their beers are available throughout South Africa and in many beer shops in Europe.



Beavertown is one of the many breweries that has its roots in home brewing. In 2011, Logan Plant, son of rock legend Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), decided to stop fiddling with his own kitchen and opened a brewpub at a popular London BBQ restaurant. While the first creations were planned primarily as a beer accompaniment to hearty meat dishes, his project quickly outgrew the small premises and he moved to his own brewery in Tottenham. After his brews started to blow up in the U.K.,  Logan decided in 2014 to take a bold step: all beers were now canned only. The can, in simple terms is a small keg, and offers several advantages over the bottle, such as: their weight and their opacity.

Meanwhile, the beers of Beavertown are among the island's most popular. All are brewed with incredibly high quality ingredients and care.


Berliner Berg

Where this young brewery comes from is naturally easy to guess- they come from the Berlin district of Neukölln. The aim of the three owners is to revive formerly popular beer styles - such as the Berliner Weiße. Old traditional brewing meets the modern ideas of the craft beer movement. In addition, the brewery has set up a taproom in an old factory, where you can stop by for a tasting or just a chat.


Bogedal Bryghus

Bøgedal's goal is to brew beers in a very traditional way. The small Danish brewery uses mainly local ingredients, does not use pumps and brews extremely small quantities. A very exciting approach that produces exceptional beers.

Brasserie Rochefort

The history of the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy dates back to 1230 and is filled with tragic events. Fires, plundering, epidemics. But again and again the silent monks have risen up and have rebuilt both the monastery and the associated brewery. Luckily. Because the three Trappist beers brewed there 6, 8 and 10 are among the best in the world in their style.


Brauerei Kemker

Kemker is the brewery of Jan Kemker, who has been operating since 2017 with his incredibly exciting project. Here, a young German brewer not only dares to brew pils, wheat or pale ale, but also exciting creations, such as a traditionally brewed Berliner Weisse with plums. He focuses primarily on regional products from his homeland,  Münsterland.

Brew by Numbers

Brew By Numbers, BBNo for short, is a great example of the thriving micro-brewery scene in London. The two founders Dave and Tom met during a climbing holiday in Asia and quickly discovered another common interest - good beer. In 2011, the two began with their first attempts as homebrewers. The high quality of the beers quickly became known. At the end of 2012, the two brought their first beers on the market. In addition to an enormously high quality of the beers BBNo draws. especially her great love for Belgian beer styles. The first two digits stand for the beer style, the last two digits for the corresponding variant.



Brewski is a microbrewery from Helsingborg, which specializes in the brewing of beers with fruits. Since 2014 they brew their various creations - particularly popular are their IPAs and pale ales, which are often brewed with tropical fruits.


BRLO is the ancient Slavic origin of the name Berlin. This, still-young brewery does not have their own brewery. According to their sustainable approach, they brew locally in Brandenburg and Saxony. Transparency and high quality is important for them, which is why, they introduce their malt and hops suppliers on their website. In addition, they support various social projects in Berlin. 


Brouwerij Boon

Lambic is a beer specialty that is created by spontaneous fermentation. It owes its name to the city of Lembeek. In this Flemish town there has always been a particularly high density of breweries. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first entries to this brewery date back to the 17th century. Since then, the brewery has often changed hands, but always brewed Lambic Biere. Since 1975, it has been run by Frank Boon. 


Brouwerij Bosteels

The Bosteels brewery is located in the small town of Buggenhout. The family of Bosteels has brewed beer for over 200 years and now in its seventh generation. Unique is not only the family's attachment to their homeland, but also their Kwak beer with its eye-catching glass. The special glass was created in Napoleon's time. Carriage drivers were not allowed to take their eyes off horses and carriages during the breaks. The special shape of the glass allowed the beer to hang sideways to the Carriage. Their Tripel Karmeliet is considered one of the best tripels in Belgium.


Brouwerij de Molen

According to ratebeer.com, Brouwerij de Molen was one of the ten best breweries in the world in 2017. It was founded in 2004 about 30 minutes from Amsterdam in Bodegrave. They quickly made a name for themselves as one of the best breweries in Europe. The Dutch brewery caused quite a stir, especially with strong beers such as Imperial Stouts.

Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle

If the Trappist monks of the Westmalle Abbey do not pray or remain silent, they brew beer. And not just since yesterday, but since 1836. Only 20 years later they started to sell beer at the gate of the abbey.Over the yearss, the demand increased rapidly and the brewery was enlarged several times. 


Brouwerij't IJ

Musician Kaspar Peterson fell in love with Belgian beer styles during a trip. Because he could not get such beers in Amsterdam, he decided to brew some himself. In search of premises for his brewery, he came across an unused urban bathhouse. Twenty years later, Brouwerij't IJ is one of the most famous breweries in the Netherlands and the supply and now backed by a brand new facility.


Buddelship Brauerei

The Buddieship brewery from Hamburg proves that craft beer can be counted on in the north for a long time to come. While it has already established itself as a local fixture in the brewery landscape, it is only a matter of time before they conquers the rest Germany. Here you will find consistently exciting beers that test the limits of beer, without forgetting the simple pleasures.



Cantillon is certainly one of the most sought-after Belgian breweries among Lambic lovers. The brewery was founded in 1900 and today is managed by Jean-Pierre van Roy. On the historic brewing plant only spontaneously fermented beers are produced, which are stored and fermented for several years in wooden barrels. Spontaneously fermented beers can only be brewed in winter, so Cantillon can only be produced in winter. This type of brewing, the most important ingredient of which are the wild yeasts from the air, was already almost extinct worldwide and has survived in Belgium at a few breweries. Cantillon is very difficult to obtain due to the high demand, the time-consuming production and the limited capacity.

Cascade Brewing

Cascade Brewing was founded in Portland in the late 1990s by Art Larrance and Ron Gansberg. While at the beginning of the 2000s the majority of the US craft beer scene was brewing IPAs, the pair had something else in mind: Barrel Aged Sour Ales. A large quantity of wine casks was added and the use of fruits was encouraged. They quickly became one of the pioneers in the field of Fruit Sours in the craft beer world.


Chimay is one of five authentic Trappist breweries in the Belgian province of Hainaut. You can taste the 150 years of experience with every sip and with every variety. The abbey not only brews excellent beer, it also makes excellent cheese. Both together will be served in the in-house restaurant. 


Cigar City

Cigar City was founded in 2007 in Florida. Since 2009, the US brewery headbrewer Wayne Wambles brews their beers in Tampa. Cigar City has created some absolute classics and is one of the best breweries in the world.

CREW Republic

Munich's rising star of craft beer. Mario Hanel and Timm Schnigula have big plans and dream of a Crew Republic Beer at the Oktoberfest. Anyone can imagine that there are too many obstacles in the way. However, the two have chosen their weapons: exceptional beers, brewed with the best raw materials in the world. 


Dry & Bitter

Dry & Bitter opened its doors in 2015. The brewery based in Frederiksborg, Denmark is characterized primarily by its pale ales and IPAs. In addition to its core range beers, the brewery is also experimenting with a sour barrel aging project.

Dugges Bryggeri

Dugges is a brewery founded in Sweden in 2005, founded by Mikael Dugge Engström. The brewery quickly became acclaimed with internationally inspired beer styles. In addition to a great core range of different IPAs and Pale Ales Dugges has mainly gained their reputation through collaborations with other breweries such as Omnipollo or Stillwater and made a name for themselves.

Evil Twin

Behind Evil Twin Brewing is the twin brother of Mikkeller Borg Bjergsø, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø. Based in New York, Evil Twin is currently working as a gypsy brewer and has all beers produced according to his recipe specifications, in various breweries. But this is changing now, from the middle of 2017, Evil Twin has planned its own home in New York and is currently building its own brewery in Ridgewood with a production volume of 9000 hectoliters p.a. We are excited!

Hanscraft & Co.

Aschaffenburg, home to Hanscraft & Co., is located in the northwestern part of Mainviereck. The small team balances its size with competence and experimentation and has produced a whole series of excellent beers. The focus is always on quality and taste, which has made the brewery a permanent fixture in the market for many years.


Interboro Spirit and Ales

Interboro is Brooklyn's only craft beer brewery and distillery. The New York brewery opened its doors in 2016 and is now one of the absolute insiders when it comes to exciting US breweries. Interboro fills only in cans and was able to make a name for himself especially with highly hopped beers. Not without reason are considered to be one of the hottest breweries as they are also collaborating with Other Half, Piperworks or even Evil Twin.

Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei

After stops in France, the Caribbean and the USA, Oliver Wesseloh, a world champion beer sommelier decided to return to Hamburg and found the Kehrwieder creative brewery. Now, after finding a suitable location one can be curious about which beer creations he will surprise us with in the future.


Kuehn Kunz Rosen

The name is inspired by "Kunz von der Rosen". He lived from 1470-1519 and was a consultant and court jester at the court of Emperor Maximilian I. Where exactly the enthusiasm for this personality comes from remains a mystery of the Mainz brewers. Meanwhile, we enjoy their beers and hope that they will continue their boldness in the future. 


Landgang Brauerei

The fact that Hamburg can tolerate more craft beer breweries fortunately led Lars and Sascha to open their own. The beers were previously developed and initially presented to small audiences at private tastings. The most popular recipes have been developed further, and the Landgang Brewery has now launched four varieties on the market. Thanks to crowdfunding, the money for the brewery has recently come together and the opening in Bahrenfeld is imminent. Now that this hurdle has been taken, one may be all the more excited about what the Landgang will surprise us with in the future. (Formerly Hopper Bräu) 

La Trappe

La Trappe is one of two Trappist breweries in the Netherlands. As the rules dictate, the monks have to make a living there themselves. That's why they started brewing beer as early as 1884 and continue to write the success story to this day. For a brief time during the Second World War, the brewery switched to the production of lemonade. Fortunately, it was able to recover and delighted beer fans around the world with their world-class products.


Lervig Aktiebryggeri

In the very north of Norway, more precisely in Stavangar, is one of the 100 best breweries in the world. Ratebeer.com also chose it as the best brewery in Norway. Lervig produces a wide range of beer, from simple Pilsener to barrel-aged Barley Wine. In addition, there are a number of collaborations with many excellent breweries such as To Øl, Põhjala, and Buddelship. All are outstanding! 


Magic Rock

Inspired by the deep love for beer and the craft beer scene of the USA, brothers Jonny and Richard founded Magic Rock together with brewmaster Stuart in 2011. Located in tranquil Huddersfield near Leeds, the boys and girls have been seeking to spread the magic of the beer and brew exciting, tasty beers. The website Ratebeer, which named Magic Rock 2012 the second best new brewery in the world, shows that they succeeded. 

Mashsee Brauerei

The will to change and the passion for good beer has shaped the Mashsee brewery. Right next door is the Craft Beer Kontor, which supplies Hannover with great variety of beer. There the brewers' experiments are tested by a critical audience. Sophisticated creations then come in the bottle and are fortunately available here.


Mikkeller San Diego

Mikkeller San Diego is the joint project between Mikkeller from Denmark and the legendary US brewer AleSmith. While Mikkeller in Europe is a Gypsy brewer without their own brewery, Mikkeller San Diego has a brewery of its own. The US branch has quickly proven that their beers are also brewed on a world-class level.

Northern Monk

Northern Monk is a young English brewery from beautiful Leeds. The brewery from northern England has been making beers since 2013. The young brewery fills exclusively in cans and can in addition to a great core range has many exciting limited special treats.


"Travel brings us back to ourselves," Albert Camus once said. The founders of Oedipus would probably sign this statement on the spot. After a thorough examination of the Dutch beer landscape, Alex, Paul, Sander and Rick came to the realization that better beer is brewed abroad. So they promptly began homebrewing themselves trying to match the quality they had found outside of Netherlands. In 2016, a new headquarters was built. Not only did the brewery find a new home there, but also a studio. Artists from many different fields are invited to realize projects together with the brewery. The proximity to the artistic world can also easily be recognized by the extremely creative labels that adorn each Oedipus beer. 


The founders of Omnipollo, Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin, have clearly seperate work areas. While Henok travels the world as a gypsy-brewer, Karl designs the containers for the many Omnipollo beers. Their goal is to fundamentally change the perception of beer. They could even succeed, because who meets Omnipollo quickly realizes that the two Swedes know very well what they do. The beers not only taste exceptionally good, they also all look outstanding.



O/O Brewing from Göteborg was founded in 2013 by two home-brewers. From the beginning, the two were clear: quality must be above quantity. And so they brew a small, but very fine selection of great beers. Especially popular are their hop-accented ales. As one of the few top rated European IPAs, the Narangi ranks among the 50 best IPAs worldwide. In addition to great beers, the minimalist designs of O/O stand out. 

Oskar Blues

The US Brewery based in Mountain State Colorado was founded in 1997 as a Brewpub. Oskar Blues achieved fame in 2002 with the pioneering decision to be one of the first breweries to can all of their beers. Over the last few years, the company has earned a reputation as one of the best US breweries and has also opened a second production facility in North Carolina. 


The Estonian brewery Pohjala (translated: Nordic Territory) has been strong in the craft beer scene since its founding in 2012. Undoubtedly you will find in the portfolio of four childhood friends currently the most exciting beers worldwide. No combination is too absurd and no experiment too daring. The concept worked and success did not take long. Pohjala has sparked a boom in craft beer in thier homeland and the rapidly growing market will hopefully bring us many more exciting creations.



 The brewery Stigbergets is currently the big new star of craft beer. At ratebeer, the boys from Sweden have taken it to 8th place worldwide with one of their IPAs, with 7 American breweries in front of them, they are the first European brewery in the entire rankings! Amazing Haze, a New England IPA also from the golden hands of Sweden, is currently in 24th place worldwide. In addition to the Swedish brewery Omnipollo we are proud to have the range of another Swedish brewery of the absolute top class with us on board.

Stone Brewing

Stone Brewing was founded in 1997 by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in California. The brewery was able to quickly make a name for itself with particularly intensely hopped beers. Meanwhile, it has become one of the absolute greats of the craft beer scene. In summer 2016, Stone expanded to Europe and the first beers are being sold from the brewery in Berlin. Now European beer fans can also enjoy unbelievably fresh Stone beers.


The Kernel

The brewery from the heart of London offers beer pleasure at the highest level. The microbrewery is producing the most sought after beers in London. The demand is now so enormous that only a very small part of the beers can be exported, as the tanks are virtually emptied by local pubs and shops. Connoisseurs and craft beer lovers are in agreement that the beers of the Kernel Brewery again and again are among the best you can get.


To Øl

Already during school, the foundation was laid for the brewery careers of Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther. Their teacher was none other than Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, who later wrote beer history with his brewery Mikkeler. Settling was not their thing, as the operators of To Øl are gypsy brewers out of conviction. This means that they brew their beers on the facilities of other breweries. For them, this kind of collaboration is a partnership based on trust, experience and a shared passion. At the same time, working with new breweries helps inspire and continually expand the boundaries. Today To Øl is a guarantee for balanced, always new and creative beers. In 2015 they were named one of the top 10 breweries in the world by RateBeer.


Toppling Goliath

Toppling Goliath is one of the absolute world class. The brewery from Iowa has been brewing top-class beers since the beginning of the 2010s. Their two Imperial Stouts Kentucky Brunch and Mornin 'Delight are currently ranked # 1 and # 3 of the world's best beers on ratebeer.com! Toppling It was always important to Goliath not to expand too fast. This was the only way to ensure that the quality of the beers remained at the highest level.


Ueberquell is a brew pub located in Hamburg. The combination of brewpub, microbrewery and restaurant directly on the Elbe opened its doors in mid-2017. In addition to traditional German beer styles like Lager, Ueberquell, which was founded by the duo Axel Ohm and Patrick Rüther, also brews modern beer styles, such as White IPA.

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