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  Gose is a sour beer style that originated in the Goslar - East Harz - Leipzig region. The use of lactic acid bacteria creates a pleasantly refreshing sourness, which is balanced by the... read more »
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Gose is a sour beer style that originated in the Goslar - East Harz - Leipzig region. The use of lactic acid bacteria creates a pleasantly refreshing sourness, which is balanced by the addition of coriander seed and salt, typical of the style.

Beer style facts: Gose

  • Appearance: Straw yellow to golden.
  • Aroma: Slightly fruity with hints of lactic fermentation. Complemented by mineral and herbal notes from the added coriander. Mildly acidic, balanced. Light and refreshing. Not bitter.
  • Alcohol: 4-5%.
  • Classic Beer: Ritterguts Gose

What is a Gose?

Similar to Berliner Weisse, Gose is a German sour beer style. With the help of lactic acid bacteria, this top-fermented beer is mildly soured. Salt and coriander give Gose its typical, slightly mineral taste. The salt was used, among other things, to preserve the beer. Gose is dry, cloudy and incredibly refreshing, especially in summer. A high proportion of wheat malt is used in the brewing process. In body, the Gose is pleasantly slender and is characterized by a low alcohol content (4-5%).

Gose: Origin and history

The beer style has existed since the Middle Ages. It was brewed mainly in the Harz Mountains and came from there to Leipzig in the 18th century. It was only there that Gose really became known. Due to its widespread distribution, even beyond the city limits, Leipzig eventually became the Gose city, as Gose was the most drunk beer in the region. In the 20th century, like so many other beer styles, Gose was mostly forgotten. But it never disappeared: to this day, it is brewed in Leipzig, and with the global craft beer movement, there are now interpretations all over the world.

The Gose today

Many breweries, both in Germany and in Europe or the USA, have a Gose in their portfolio. There are no limits to the creativity of the recipes. Recipes with many different fruits are very popular, for example with tropical fruits such as mango or passion fruit. Or with different berries. North Brewing's Triple Fruited Gose series is particularly well known for this. But classic goses are also coming onto the market again and again. Accordingly, the beer style is versatile in terms of food accompaniment

Fish or seafood

Light summer salads

Sweet, fruity desserts                                                                                                                                                         

Or simply enjoy a Gose as a refreshing summer aperitif! Or try cooking with a gose: its acidity makes it a great addition to marinades or sauces.

Discover Gose at Beyond Beer! Are you wondering what a Gose tastes like? Then we recommend you:

Welde Badisch Gose: A Gose according to the classic model. Round and wonderfully drinkable. Very versatile in terms of food pairing!

Põhjala Orange Gose: Gose with a twist. The Estonian brewery has brewed its gose with oranges, giving it a distinct citrus kick that is refreshing when combined with the beer's super sourness.

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Aben Mumbo Jumbo #1 Fruited Gose


ÅBEN Mumbo Jumbo #1


€8.99 * plus €0.25 deposit
Content 0.44 Liter (€20.43 * / 1 Liter)
Pōhjala Rännak Fruit Sour Gose


Põhjala Rännak (Stillwater Collab)


€5.69 * plus €0.25 deposit
Content 0.33 Liter (€17.24 * / 1 Liter)