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Oddity Brewing from Spain

  Oddity Brewing: The shooting star in the Spanish Craft Beer sky! The brewery was only founded in Barcelona in 2020, but in no time at all it has made the hearts of craft beer fans all... read more »
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Oddity Brewing from Spain


Oddity Brewing: The shooting star in the Spanish Craft Beer sky! The brewery was only founded in Barcelona in 2020, but in no time at all it has made the hearts of craft beer fans all over Europe beat faster. Because their beers are simply great!

Oddity Brewing was founded in early 2020 by Vicky Navarro and Ivan Raho in Barcelona. Their beers are hitting the Spanish and European market directly - which is hardly surprising given Ivan Raho's vita. After all, before founding the brewery, he worked as a brewer for Garage, Wylam, and Whiplash, among others! Consequently, while he takes care of the production and development of the beers, Navarro is responsible for communication and brand development.

Oddity's beers were thus characterized by top quality right from the start. They have been brewed in Dublin, Ireland, since the brewery was founded. At Whiplash, Raho's old workplace. While Oddity continues to search for a suitable location for its own brewery in Barcelona, this way they can at least supply beer drinkers with their great beers.

Hand in hand: Unique Craft Beer and stunning design

And what's inside their cans should also represent them on the outside. That's why Oddity works with different artists. Each beer gets its own individual artwork. The selection is intuitive, as is the approach to the beer recipes. It's important to Navarro and Raho that they work with local artists from Barcelona to strengthen the creative community and create synergy with craft beer culture.

Take Shedland IPA, for example: it's Oddity's very first beer. A modern Hazy IPA with a distinctly lively aroma of yellow stone fruits, pineapple and citrusy notes. The can of this beer is adorned with the painting Land of no return by artist Kim Van Vuuren. The light pastel colors reflect the lightness of this IPA, which is only 6.2%, as does its yellow-orange aroma. A gate is depicted in the center of the image - enter and there is no return. Or: drink this beer and you won't return to any other beer.

Oddity brews a solid range of beers: They focus on a few styles of beer, such as Pale Ale, IPA and Double IPA, as well as Porter and Stout, so they can shape and perfect them to their liking through constant improvement.

Take Crumbling Crowd, for example: the 6% Stout, very roasty and aromatic yet with great drinkability, pays tribute to Raho's time in Ireland. He wanted to create a special beer and prove to himself his skill at brewing dark beer styles. After some research, the recipe underlying Crumbling Crown emerged. But the first release would come only after many small changes and modification processes. All so that in the end the best possible beer ends up in the can!

Part of the Spanish Craft Beer Culture

Although Oddity currently still brews their beers in Ireland, their focus is clearly on their native Barcelona, or rather all of Spain. They celebrated the release of their first Pale Ale at Garage's Taproom. And they brewed their first ever collab with Basqueland Brewing from San Sebastian!

Oddity also clearly see their future in Barcelona, including ecological and very practical aspects. A dedicated space - perhaps a taproom - would, according to Vicky Navarro, not only strengthen their own brand, but also the community around Oddity.

We are happy to offer you the fantastic beers of Oddity! Convince yourself of the great quality of their beers and order now at Beyond Beer!


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