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Omnipollo First Class Imperial Stout

Omnipollo First Class


Content: 0.33 Liter (€56.03 * / 1 Liter)
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Coconut Cinnamon Smash Cake Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - 100% Omnipollo! The First Class is a... more

Coconut Cinnamon Smash Cake Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - 100% Omnipollo!

The First Class is a real badass even by Omnipollo standards! The 14% strong Imperial Stout was brewed with coconut and cinnamon and then aged for a full two years in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels. A great flavor interplay of vanilla, toffee and dark fruits. First class!

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Beer Facts
Ingredients: Water, BARLEY MALT, OAT, coconut, cinnamon, hops, yeast
Brewery: Omnipollo AB - Munkbrogatan 2 - 111 27 Stockholm - Sweden - Import: Brausturm Bierverlag GmbH - Jochim-Klindt-Straße 5 - 22926 Ahrensburg - Deutschland
Beer Style: Imperial Stout
ABV (% ALCOHOL): 14,0
Drinking Temperature (in °C): 10-13°
goes well with: Sweet Desserts and Chocolate, As a Digestif
Best-by Date: 07.07.2025
Tasting Notes
Color Deep Black
Aroma & Taste Coconut, Roasty Aroma, Toffee, Vanilla, Cinnamon
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