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Trumer Hopfenspiel

Trumer Hopfenspiel


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Trumer Hopfenspiel is a very light and yet uniquely fruity Pils speciality which is particularly... more
Tasting Notes
Color Pale Yellow
Aroma Floral
Taste floral, light, dry

Trumer Hopfenspiel is a very light and yet uniquely fruity Pils speciality which is particularly suitable as a refreshing aperitif. At only 2.9% Alc. Vol. the special method of dry hops with the international aroma hops varieties Triskel and Cascade makes for a very complex beer. It smells of mango, apricot and elderberry framed by fresh fruity impressions from the peel of citrus fruits. The taste is complex with grapefruit tart, thirst-quenching notes. Flowery-sweet impressions with a hint of mint are added.

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Beer Facts
Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast
Brewery: Josef Sigl e.U.,Brauhausgasse 2, 5162 Obertrum bei Salzburg, Österreich
Beer Style: Pilsner
ABV (% ALCOHOL): 2,9
Drinking Temperature (in °C): 7-10°
goes well with: Poultry, Pork, Fish, Salad, Spicy Dishes
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