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Northern Monk Craft Beer

  Internationally respected, multiple award-winning, incredibly versatile and each beer of the highest quality. Great collaborations. Northern Monk from England belong to the absolute top... read more »
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Northern Monk Craft Beer


Internationally respected, multiple award-winning, incredibly versatile and each beer of the highest quality. Great collaborations. Northern Monk from England belong to the absolute top of European breweries!

Leeds, Northern England: In this area of greatest brewing tradition and long beer history, two friends founded Northern Monk in 2013. The name of the brewery is a direct reference to brewing in monasteries, which were also central to the production and distribution of beer in Yorkshire. Northern Monk continue this tradition by transforming this inspiration into modern beers.

A distinctive style

The design of their cans is distinctive. A monk in profile adorns the brewery's logo, which is centered on the cans and thus the focus of the person looking at them. All Core Range beers, as well as Specials, are designed this way. The only exception - and equally distinctive - is Northern Monk's famous Patrons Project range. It is a place of collaborations - not only between breweries, but also between artists, athletes, and companies such as roasters or restaurants. The design of the various "patrons" is closely interwoven with the idea of the respective Series. For example, the Series 27 cans are decorated with photographs from the British Culture Archive. The design of Series 10 ("Culinary Concepts") shows dishes or ingredients that are relevant to the corresponding collaboration. This creates a great synergy between beer, design and community. And an insane stylistic diversity! A unique concept that is unparalleled in the beer world.

How Leeds became Hop City

While the early days of the brewery took place primarily in the home of founder Russel Bisset's mother - the warehouse was in the basement, the office was the kitchen, and they brewed the beers as Gypsy brewers at other breweries, back in 2014 the brewery moved into the building that remains the heart of Northern Monk today, The Old Flax Store. It houses the brewery on the first floor and a taproom on the second floor.

After successful crowdfunding campaigns, Northern Monk opened a second brewery with a larger capacity in Leeds and a taproom in Manchester in 2018. It is important to emphasize that an increase in capacity in no way means a decrease in the quality of the beers. On the contrary, the move has enabled Northern Monk to commission a state-of-the-art canning facility.

The fact that Northern Monk must be mentioned in the same breath as English breweries such as Cloudwater, Deya, Track or Verdant is demonstrated not only by various awards, but also by the brewery's presence at renowned international beer festivals. But that's not all: their own festival, Hop City, gathers the world's hottest breweries in Leeds once a year!

From Yorkshire for Yorkshire. And for the world

But beer is much more than just beer for Northern Monk. The spaces opened by the brewery, like their taprooms, are places for people to meet. Spaces for their communities, for the restaurants, for artists. They are places of community - for all people who identify with the brewery's values. Northern Monk brews beer not for the sake of hype, but because they enable people to come together through their beers. Northern Monk thus give back to their region, which welcomed them with open arms in the beginning. Among other things, by supporting social projects with donations, especially in difficult years like 2020.

The balance between creativity, innovation and tradition

Whether it's Pale Ale, NEIPA, Imperial Stout or Pilsner; whether it's Sour Ale, non-alcoholic India Pale Ale or Porter, Northern Monk's offerings are truly diverse. The "Patrons Project" series provides the best possible foundation for this. They celebrate traditional beer styles like the Bitter as well as a Hazy Double IPA. After all, it's not about trends, but about giving local and regional traditions a modern guise, about a living beer culture in Yorkshire, which is then shared with the world via Northern Monk's beers. And with Faith, Northern Monk arguably have one of the best Hazy Pale Ales as a Core Range beer! In addition, Northern Monk offer seasonal beers to match the seasons. For example, in the summer there is the Seasons Of Faith: Summer, and in the winter there is the Festive Star, a porter with Christmas spices.


  • Founded: 2013
  • Location: Leeds, England
  • Website: https://northernmonk.com/


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Northern Monk Divine Faith Double IPA

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Northern Monk Divine Faith

Northern Monk

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